The Idea —How can we draw together the creative power of individuals in one place? Over the last years, we have experienced a significant increase of complex social challenges. Only if we think beyond the boundaries of nations, disciplines and cultures, we can find practical answers to the questions of our time. To turn these challenges into a sustainable future for us and coming generations, we need creative ideas from all over the world. We need to create a sustainable ecosystem for future living. We need a place to come together as one – z_one.

The Concept —New modes of connectivity, mobility, and economy naturally change our conception of space, too. This is why we need to rethink our homes and workplaces and develop new architectural concepts.
z_one opens up new spaces of collaboration and enhances creative participation right from the start. Therefore, z_one builds upon creatives of all disciplines to join the project and make their vision take actual shape.

We Want You —In order to achieve the mission of z_one, we need specialists from all fields and a platform to answer the question of how we are going to live and work in the future.

Board of Curators

Partner —We are working with selected partners, whom we trust and share the same values with.


smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture —From March 1st to 2nd, 2018, the conference »smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture« takes place at the ZKM | Karlsruhe as part of the EU project

Open Codes. Living in Digital Worlds —From the binary code (Leibniz) to Morse code, from cosmic code to the genetic code, we live in a world of codes.


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