SMARTPLACES | INNOVATION IN CULTURE —Not only is digitization now in art’s DNA, cultural institutions are beginning to embark on disruptive paths in order to facilitate and support innovative processes. The »smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture« conference analyzes possibilities, and also necessities, of digital renewal within culture and spotlights audience development.


The first of three conferences, »smARTplaces | INNOVATION in Culture« investigates the relationship between visitor, institution, and technology. Over the course of two days, innovation talks, experience flights, fishbowls, workshops, and seminars engage with themes connected with and deriving from cultural work at the beginning of the twenty-first century: Who are our visitors? How can we get to know more about them? And what are we permitted to know about them in order that we, as a cultural institution, do not lose our corrective function vis à vis social developments? Of what relevance are technologies such as games, AR, and VR – which art is already utilizing – for dialogue with the visitors and what scenarios – with regard to AI – will be on their way in the upcoming years?

With experience design of cultural offerings, design thinking in work processes, and change management of institutional structure, the conference aims to accompany the cultural institution during its development into the »museum as a source of experience«, a place of exploring, discovering, and developing.